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Diamond Head and Honolulu (photo by duna)

My name is Dave Hodge, but I’m more likely to answer to “duna,” a nickname from my days in the Navy. The son of a Sailor, I’ve lived in many places, but I was born in North Carolina and have always considered South Texas home.

I now live with my…

Gratitude creates positivity and positivity empowers

Scenic View of Bamboo Trees by Pixabay — Pexels

With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, I thought I would share the draft I was working on . . .

Some writers have recommended journaling every morning. I have journaled on and off for most of my life. Looking back on my writings, they were a resource to jot down…

Aloha Kelly - thanks for your piece. As a new writer, I really appreciate the insight and the interaction with Melissa and A. Nonymous below (even a year later).

I follow you on Medium - but hadn't noticed this piece, but have bookmarked it and will share far & wide. I received it via the BecauseYouWrite Newsletter (in case you track that sort of info).

v/r, duna sends...

Aloha, Clive. Loved the piece (found it through a Morning Brew link). Looking forward to more.

The Ship — Awkward and Out of Place

The helicopter descended in a slow, lazy circle. The change in our speed or pitch of the engine roused the others, and sitting across from me, Jim mouthed something to me, pointing out the round window. From the side I was sitting…

We owe it to them to honor their sacrifice.

Working in Pearl Harbor, I am surrounded by tokens of why Memorial Day is so important. I’m reminded the fallen we commemorate were usually unremarkable people. They came from all walks of life and died while in service to their country. After we hear or learn their history, we realize…

Aloha, Karen!

Thanks very much! I love to write - but do a lot of writing at work, so I really need to get busy writing for myself again. I'm a new writer so I really appreciate your comment.

I DID find Paul - I actually found him through Facebook. I'd looked a few years ago, but couldn't find him. An old friend of mine noticed my story, and actually found his (very quiet) account through a mutual USMC friend and we connected.

Paul (typically) remains quiet - after 'friending' me - hasn't had a single post! LOL.

Getting to the Ship — The Benefits of Forced Change

During the morning lineup, the boss told me I was going with them.

I was comfortable with the way things were. I wanted no part of the road trip, wherever they were going. Throughout his explanation, he pointed out the benefits, but I wasn’t listening. His office was hot and…

Image by Pixabay — Pexels

The Deacon and the Stranger

The air in the church basement was warm and heavy. The Deacon knew that soon the food would be gone. Ushering the pack back out to the cold, he would offer encouraging words and the hopeful invitation to return when more was available.

From the center of the seating area…

The day Paul Riley saved my life

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge (photo by Andrea Ferrea, Google)

I was an “A-School” student at the Navy’s School of Music in the early ’80s. Located in Norfolk-Virginia Beach, the school still provides a six-month basic course for Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers fresh from Bootcamp on their way to the fleet or field as military musicians.

The barracks building was…

David Hodge

I'm the guy that puts it together.

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